Riprap Friends are continuing to make a difference in the daily lives of children fighting cancer.  Every smile goes a long way in powering them through the next challenge on their journey.  Because of your support, we are able to connect with more children and serve more pediatric oncology clinics each year.  

Please join us on Monday, December 17th, at Flywheel Chelsea, 10:30am!  Sign up here… 

Once again, Flywheel will be hosting a charity ride for Riprap Friends. Kate Hickl and Jaimie Bailey will be leading a meaningful, fun and exhilarating ride at the Flywheel Chelsea Studio. As always, all donations go directly to activities and services for the kids we serve!  If you aren’t able to make the ride, you are still welcome to join for lunch afterwards, and we deeply appreciate donations in any amount. Donate! 

Riprap Friend in the Spotlight 

Name: Billy Libby
Hometown: Portland, Maine
Your “Friend” specialty: Music – Guitar / songwriting 

Your favorite Riprap Friend moment so far:
I have so many! One of my most recent favorites was in working with a young boy only two and a half years old, who is more fluent in Portuguese than English. After a few sessions of figuring out the best way I could work with him and engage him musically, I ended up making up a silly voice to speak as his favorite action figure, “The Hulk”. One session we used a drum machine program on my phone to make a beat and then I ended up making some verses in my voice for the hulk with a chorus that the boy would sing a long with. He seemed to be having such a good time. That moment really stands out to me!

How did you get into teaching?:  I got into teaching soon after moving to NYC. I had worked as a nanny and then a substitute and after school teacher while also running a songwriting program for kids. Moving to teaching both guitar and songwriting felt like a natural progression to combine both my skills in music and my years of experience working with kids and in education.

What being a Riprap Friend means to you:
Being a Riprap friend has been so meaningful to me, and I definitely get as much out of it as I can hope to give. My pursuit of music over the years can often feel difficult, and self centered as I try and express myself through music and get some sort of positive feedback. 
To get to take my love of music and my love of improvising and being creative and use that to engage with someone else, and help them nurture their own creative voice. Getting to do that feels like such an honor and such an amazing way to be productive in a musical way outside of just my own personal music. It means getting to share a unique experience and use my life long passion for music with others in a truly meaningful way and I am so grateful for that.


Fun fact about yourself:  I am originally from Maine and love nature. I recently went scuba diving in Belize and got to pet a nurse shark!



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