Riprap Newsletter: Self-Care Event & Friend in the Spotlight

Riprap Friends are continuing to bring joy and love to the days of children fighting cancer. It is meaningful and powerful work that makes an uplifting impact on all those touched. Patients, siblings, parents and Friends all share overwhelming gratitude for the connection and experience.  

Riprap Friends needs your support to make our work possible. All donations go directly to services and materials for the children we serve. We are beyond thankful for the support of Namaste New York to provide an amazing self-care experience to support Riprap Friends. Please join us, at 400 West 12th Street, 11am-2pm, April 26th, for mini yoga and guided meditations each hour, mini thai massage sessions, yummy bites and good company! RSVP! 

Friend in the Spotlight

Name: Lara G. Mahler

Hometown: originally Toronto, Canada NOW: Ridgewood, Queens

Your “Friend” specialty:  Dance/movement

Your favorite Riprap Friend moment so far:  I was working with a child where at their first session, they were so shy they couldn’t look at me, talk to me or even feel comfortable moving their bodies, by the end of the session, her mother is telling me she can’t stop dancing and asks mom every week when I will be back.

What being a Riprap Friend means to you:  All I can think about is how I can be a positive energy and light during this time in this child and Family’s life. I wanted to go into teaching because I wanted to make an impression, be a good influence, help people and share my knowledge.  Being a RipRap friend means all of this to me: being consistent, positive, flexible and patient.

How did you get into teaching?:  I always taught or assisted dance classes, at my local studio and later at a mentor’s dance studio in Toronto. It wasn’t until I attended NYU’s MFA program in dance where I realized educating young people in movement or in general was something that I was passionate about. I decided to go back to school for education to incorporate my love of dance and theater with educating young people.

Fun fact about yourself:  If I could, I would eat Thai food everyday!


With Gratitude, 

Tracey Early
Founder, Riprap Friends

The name “Riprap Friends” comes from the word for a stone wall used to armor shorelines against water erosion. We will provide a metaphorical armor for pediatric cancer patients and their families against some of the often overlooked erosive characteristics of that disease: social, creative, and emotional isolation that can be a severe impediment to full recovery.

We understand that a child’s wellbeing depends on a variety of important factors, and among those factors is the child’s ability to be creative, intellectually stimulated, socially engaged, to have the opportunity to make meaningful choices in his or her day-to-day life, and most importantly, to have the support of family and friends during their medical treatment. Riprap intends to facilitate all of these things in the name of bettering the overall health of childhood cancer patients.

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