Riprap Newsletter: yoga shop fundraiser, mission update, Friend in spotlight

Dear Riprap community,

I am thrilled to share our first newsletter! Programming is well underway and making a meaningful impact beyond Manhattan into Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and even parts of New Jersey! Please read on for details on mission progress, an upcoming fundraising event and fun facts about our Friend in the Spotlight.

Mission Update

In light of the successful experiences with families referred through Mt. Sinai’s pediatric oncology clinic, we have opened referrals to Memorial Sloane Kettering. 

We want to grow to reach more children facing difficult journeys, and we need YOU to help Riprap do it! How?

1.     Become a Friend: We need more amazing Friends! At the moment, Friends are teaching dance, cosmetology, piano, cooking, yoga and martial arts. They are also connecting with children as reading buddies! Do you have a special skill to share, or do you love connecting with kids in need? If so, we have many rewarding opportunities to do good.  Please consider applying HERE! And spread the word!

2.     Donate to Riprap: Riprap needs donations to fund the services and the materials each child receives. Any and all contributions are deeply appreciated. Every gift makes a meaningful impact on a child battling cancer and 100% of donations go directly to the children. To make a donation today, please click HERE!

Sweaty Betty Soho and Erin Jacques Yoga Team Up with Riprap Friends

Don’t miss this fun, heart pumping, sweat inducing, cardio infused music yoga flow class taught by Erin Jacques. Your physical and mental strength will be pushed and challenged through several dynamic and creative sequences. Followed by slow, deep and long holds to release tightness and tension. 

Tuesday, April 25th at 11am, Soho location of Sweaty Betty,

All proceeds directly benefit Riprap Friends. Sign up HERE!

In addition, Sweaty Betty has generously offered to donate 20% of all shopping purchases to Riprap Friends. Even if you can’t make the yoga class, you can still participate! Please join us at Sweaty Betty on Tuesday, April 25th, for snacks and shopping in support of Riprap!

Friend in the Spotlight

Mia Molina

Hometown:   Jaen, Spain
Specialty:        Piano
How did you get into teaching?  I think I was born a teacher.  I would sit all my dolls in a row and teach them whatever I found out about that week: “Ok class, today we are going to learn about…how to properly eat spaghetti”.  I always loved sharing ANY knowledge.
Favorite Riprap Friend moment so far: When I got to celebrate A’s birthday with her. She learned how to play happy birthday and her loved ones all sung while I played songs with them. Such a special day.
What being a Riprap Friend means to you: The word that best describes what it means to me is HOPE. There is nothing that can be compared to the feeling that you are making such a huge difference in a child’s life. Teaching piano to A is not just about her learning notes, rhythms and keys… Music is bringing joy to her life and she has brought so much joy to mine. Every time I see her shinning eyes and her big smile, I know she’s already another step closer to recovery.
Fun fact about yourself:  There is hilariousness in my everyday life — especially because my brain tends to be half asleep in the morning and do things like ordering a bagel with ice cream (pretty much same thing as cream cheese, right?).

I am grateful for your involvement and interest in RipRap!

Thank you, 

Tracey Early

Founder, Riprap Friends

The name “Riprap Friends” comes from the word for a stone wall used to armor shorelines against erosion. We will provide a metaphorical armor for pediatric cancer patients and their families against some of the often overlooked erosive characteristics of that disease: social, creative, and emotional isolation that can be a severe impediment to full recovery.We understand that a child’s wellbeing depends on a variety of important factors, and among those factors is the child’s ability to be creative, intellectually stimulated, socially engaged, to have the opportunity to make meaningful choices in his or her day-to-day life, and most importantly, to have the support of family and friends during their medical treatment. Riprap intends to facilitate all of these things in the name of bettering the overall health of childhood cancer patients.

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